SimbioseA Portuguese death and grind metal outfit, Simbiose formed in 1991. The group — fronted by dual vocalists Hugo and João — soon found itself gracing local stages, and in 1993 released the first in a series of demos, entitled «Até Quando?». Over the next nine years, Simbiose would be limited in their releases, only putting out a handful of splits and EPs before finally scoring an opportunity to grace the world with a full-length, 2002’s «Naked Mental Violence». A split album with Disface (from Spain) was released in 2003, and album number two, «Bounded in Adversity», followed a year later. Shows with bands like Driller Killer, Dead Infection, and Extreme Noise Terror took up the bulk of the next couple of years, but the band found time to release two further split albums, one with Taiko from Brazil and another with Driller Killer — a frequent collaborator and performance partner — as well as deal with some lineup changes in the bass position (two changes there in fact) and a vacancy in guitar.

In 2007,Simbiose returned to full-length attention with that year’s Major Label Industries. released «Evolution?». The band would spend the majority of 2008 hitting the road, with stops in Brazil and the United Kingdom. Two years later a new full-length album, «Fake Dimension», was released, before yet another split, this time with mincecore masters Agathocles, hit the streets, also through Major Label Industries. Never a band to slow down, Simbiose backed the new releases with a slap of homecountry shows and tours and festivals abroad, before heading to studio to record a new album in 2012, called «Economical Terrorism». Their latest effort was «Trapped», released in 2015, and with 25+ years of extreme death metal/crust/grindcore crossover, the band show no signs of exhaustion or dullness.


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