ObliqueRainOblique Rain came to life in 2004 in the city of Porto. The will and good taste of two old friends, Flávio Silva and César Teixeira, made them start an unusual project for the Portuguese underground scene. They were joined by Daniel Botelho and André Ribeiro. Daniel Botelho has since been replaced, and so, to the line-up were added the musicians Guilherme Lapa and Daniel Cardoso (Head Control System).«Isohyet», their debut album, was self-released in September 2007.
Two years later the band released their second opus, «October Dawn», through Major Label Industries. Marcelo Aires (Colosso, Heavenwood) was, by that time, already the official drummer of the band. After a few selected gigs to promote the album in Portugal, Oblique Rain started the composition for their thrid studio album, but musical differences arose and the record have never came to life. In 2013 the project officially split, with vocalist and guitar-player Flávio Silva going one way and the rest of the band going another way, eventually forming a new musical entity called Sullen.