MourningLenoreMourning Lenore are a melting pot of atmospheric rock and metal music influences. Doom metal, progressive rock, post rock, psychedelic, just to name a few. Chords of melancholy, riffs evoking landscapes and atmospheres of bleakness…

In early 2009 the first expression of this experience came to life: the band released a Split CD with their fellow mates Insaniae to celebrate Daemonium Blog’s 3rd anniversary. Even with low expectations, the mission was successfully achieved: the world returned to the band an extremely positive feedback and Mourning Lenore bowed in appreciation.

Forward to this reaction, Mourning Lenore decided to schedule the studio to the end of the year and started preparing their debut album. Meanwhile, the band played several gigs in Portugal’s mainland and islands sharing the stage with manifold honorable bands.

After five months in Urban Insect and Pentagon Studios with Fernando Matias (Moonspell, f.e.v.e.r., Linda Martini, Gwydion) on command as producer, Loosely Bounded Infinities saw the daylight. Soon the band achieved an agreement with Major Label Industries and planned to unleash their piece of melancholy on October 2010.

After an injection of new blood and renewed hopes, Mourning Lenore prepared for a little while the return to stage and some new material which should have been released by 2012. Sadly, due to other commitments, the band went on an hiatus shortly after.

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