LoboAfter the digital release of «Nöitë» back in 2010, Löbo is back with «Älma». Set to be released on cassette on February 13th, 2016 and 12″ vinyl on April 6th, 2016 through Signal Rex in conjuction with Ring Leader, «Älma» asks a very profound question: How much does the soul weigh? If it was measured by Lisbon doom outfit Löbo, it would weigh a ton, according to their atmospheric downtempo masterpiece «Älma», which is proof that heaviness, melody, and electronic elements can co-exist and can create aural landscapes capable of blackening your soul, yet lead you into the light at the end of the tunnel. Like the dawn after a death, there is an elegiac quality to «Älma» that simply pulls at the heartstrings while it simultaneously drowns you in leaden, crushing sound. It’s these contrasts that put Löbo in general and «Älma» in particular in a league poignantly removed from conventional “doom”

For the members of Löbo, «Älma» has proved to be a highly influential piece of work which paved the way for several new acts and countless side-projects. Their history should not end here, and so Löbo are regrouping and working once again to release a new piece of music that marks a new journey for all who have been missing their pulse live. «Älma» will be experienced live in a few select performances, as well being released on limited cassette and 12″ vinyl this February and April, respectivey.

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