HeadstonedHead:Stoned was formed as Headstone in 2006 in Porto, Portugal, by the drummer Augusto Peixoto (Cycles, Dove, ex-In Solitude, ex-Paradigma), right after the vocalist Pedro Gouveia (Dove, ex-Fears Tomb, ex-Pitch Black) convinced him to start a new project. Shortly after, Carlos Barbosa (guitar, ex-Cycles, ex-Fears Tomb, Karnak), Pedro Vieira (guitar, ex-Withering) and Henrique Loureiro (bass, ex-Cycles) were invited to the band, which gave it’s first gig in Bar Porto Rio, in their home city, in November 2006.

After the concert, vocalist Pedro and bassist Henrique Loureiro left the group in a rude way, being promptly replaced by singer Vítor Franco (ex-Stillness In Chaos, Outshine) and bassist Vera Sá (Cycles). It was a new time for Hadstone and a lot of concerts followed, including an opening slot for Onslaught. The next obvious step was to go for some material recordings and that was exactly what they did.

The debut EP «Within The Dark» was released in 2009 and turned a lot of heads in the Portuguese underground, which immediately sold it out. Encouraged, the band started working on their full-length album, «I Am All», which was recorded at Soundvision Studios already with the new guitar player Nuno Silva (Cycles), which replaced Carlos Barbosa.

«I Am All» was released in 2011 by Major Label Industries and at the same time the band had to change the name to Head:Stoned due to legal reasons. The reactions to the dark thrash metal displayed in the album were amazing and a new slap of gigs in Portugal occurred.

In 2013 a new six-track EP, entitled «Present Inexistence», was released and a couple of years after Vitor Franco announced the departure from the band. Augusto Peixoto was, by that time, also busy with other musical projects such as Dove and DUM and this led to slow period for Head:Stoned.

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