EAKEAK was formed in October 2001, but the lack of a suitable rehearsal room saw the band members quickly put the project on hold. After a few years they met again just to remember old times, but quickly the chemistry felt led to a musical evolution that needed exposure to the outside world. After constant rehearsals and shows, they finally found a solid line-up after the departure of vocalist and bassist, moving the band to be formed by – Jorge and Carlos on guitar, Helder on bass, Ricardo on drums and Paulo’s voice – practicing a unorthodox sound, and having no desire to be labeled, they self define their genre as “musclecore.” So far they recorded the EP «3 Steps To Nothing» (2003) an author edition album «Musclecore» (2006), and a split with Crushing Sun («Bipolar»).The later has the official seal of a publisher (Major Label Industries) which has a huge reaction by both public and press. Their last effort was «MuzEAK», released in 2011 by Major Label Industries and Raging Planet.

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