ConcealmentConcealment are a band based out of Sintra,Portugal. Playing a blend of Progressive Death metal with Grind Core since 1995. Path Concealment were formed in Sabugo, a small place near Sintra in 1995. The musical style of this band consists of a complex dissonant guitar work, off-time polyrhythmic drummings, unconventional 9 string bass lines and a expressive bleak vocal style. The Concealment lyrics theme are based in the coldness of the modern world, the desperation of present and next generations.

The band debuted in 1996 with the demo «Naked… Drowned… Art», in the foreword of the Portuguese technical and progressive death metal scene. Three years later a new demo, «Imperaffection», was released, confirming Concealment as one of the hottest band in the extreme metal scene in Portugal. Yt, it wasn’t until six years later that the project released the highly influential «Of Malady» EP. Fast forward tow years and, in 2007, the full-length album «Leak» was released. In 2011, the latest release, «Phenakism», was unleashed by Major Label Industries, foreshowing a mature, yet technically angry and progressive-hunger band.

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