Major Label Industries is a Portugal-based label founded in 2006 by Fernando Reis and José Miguel Rodrigues. In the following years the company released several Portuguese bands, including the debut albums from Process Of Guilt, Before The Rain, Head:Stoned, Crushing Sun, Mourning Lenore and E.A.K. Established bands such as Simbiose, The Firstborn, Concealment and ThanatoSchizo have also released albums through MLI. The label’s logistic department was, since the very beginning, worked by another Portuguese company: Fiomúsica.

Tom Bombadil’s Collectors, a sub-division to deal only with high-collectible items based upon J.R.R. Tolkien’s world, as also created in 2008, having released a Za Frûmi’s book-CD, limited to 1000 numbered copies, entitled «Barrow Wights».

At this point Major Label Industries lay dormant as of new releases, but the status should change in the new future.