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Process Of Guilt – Renouce

Before The Rain – …One Day Less

Simbiose – Evolution?

E.A.K./Crushing Sun – Split

The Firstborn – The Noble Search

Caïna/Process Of Guilt – Split

Simbiose – Naked Mental Violence (reissue)

Simbiose – Bounded In Adversity (reissue)

Oblique Rain – October Dawn

Process Of Guilt -Erosion

Agathocles/Simbiose – Split

Löbo – Älma

Crushing Sun – TAO

Mourning Lenore -Loosely Bounded Infinities

Concealment – Phenakism

Head:Stoned – I Am All

ThanatoSchizO – Origami

E.A.K. – MuzEAK

Za Frûmi – Barrow Wights